Community Supplies

Food Boxes : $50

Rocket Stove : $175

The Rocket stove is a true life changer for all that are able to receive one. These stoves are designed to use a fourth of the wood normally used in a traditional open fire like pictured to the left. The Rocket Stove also is designed to not allow any smoke into the house at all. When Clubhouse installs a stove it is equipped with a pipe that does not allow any smoke inside. The stove is designed with concrete and volcanic rock. The average life of a stove is 20 years. The most amazing part of this stove is it allows the Guatemalan women to still cook traditionally. This is really the most important aspect of this stove. When you purchase this stove you are changing the lives of the entire family!

Backpacks : $25

Clubhouse Guatemala has 5 feeding programs currently in Guatemala. Our goal is to not only provide school supplies and backpacks for those kids but also for their brothers and sisters. Currently in Guatemala there are over 2 million children that are not attending school because they can not afford the simple things like paper and pencil. We are trying to combat this number one child at a time by supplying them with a backpack filled with paper, pens, pencils, ruler, erasers, paint, and much more. When you buy a backpack for Christmas you are allowing a child to attend school and have a chance to break the cycle of illiteracy in the country of Guatemala.

Easy Garden Systems : $150

Carl's Coops : $175

The "Carl's Coops" chicken coop ministry concept came from Carla's dad, Carl, and his love for chickens. He loved to raise chickens and he would give them away. With the thought of what he did, Mike decided to bring that same concept to the villages and teach families, instead of giving the chickens away, how to begin a "micro-business" by selling these chickens. The average income for families is $30/month. This allows them to almost double their monthly income. The churches we work with are asked to find families within the village that are more than struggling and can use the most help. Once a family is discovered, we will take teams to the home and build a coop on their property. The coop is of a basic design using wood, nails, and wire. A complete coop is $175. A complete coop consists of 25 chicks, 100 lbs. of feed, a waterer, antibiotics for these chicks. business plan on how to raise these chickens to sale and replenish to make an income for the family.

Metal House : $500

New Home

  • 1/3 Build : $500

  • 1/2 Build : $750

  • Entire Build : $1,50


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