Clubhouse Guatemala Staff

The Parkers

Carla and I were high school sweethearts and married shortly after high school. Then God blessed us with two amazing children, Katie and Zach, that love the Lord and desire to serve Him. Katie loves music, Facebook, horses and meeting new people. Zach has a strong passion for sports, plays guitar, and has a kind heart toward those in need. Our journey to Guatemala began in 2002 by visiting a small children's home. That is where we met our new "sons" Julian and Jadon. We began our adoption which should have taken a short 18 months, but, in reality took 6 1/2 years to complete. During that time, God placed a burden on all of our hearts to move to Guatemala and start a ministry to help families and children in need. Before moving to Guatemala, we hosted 30+ teams over a 5 year period. Now, everything we own is in Guatemala and that has become home to us. Our ministry has grown to the point of developing a non-profit status. In doing that, the ministry in now Clubhouse Guatemala, Inc. I (Mike) am the Executive Director, Carla is our Office Administrator and Financial Secretary but most importantly she tries to keep me in line! We have a very active Board of Directors. Most all of them have been to Guatemala to serve along side of us with some sort of ministry. It is amazing how God has taken a small ministry and a desire to serve others and turned it into a ministry that hundreds come and serve in each year. We are so thankful for what God has done and is going to do through us and Clubhouse in Guatemala.


National Director
Ewald Fernando Marroquin Wellmann serves as Clubhouse's National Director in Guatemala. He also pastors, along with his father, Sembradores Church in zone 6, Guatemala City. Fernando is 30 years old, married to Keila Espina, they have 3 kids, Marcela (6 years old), Lucas (3) and Camila (1). He's passionate about seeing his country being transformed by the power of the Gospel and he is committed to God to see this change happen in his generation. My name is Fernando Marroquin, I'm 30 years old. I grew up in Guatemala City where I still live with my family. I'm married to a Godly woman, Keila Espina and we have 3 kids, Marcela, Lucas and Camila. Along with my father, Fernando Senior, we pastor Sembradores church in zone 6 Guatemala City. In 2009 through a natural disaster, Tropical storm Agatha, I had the opportunity to meet Mike Parker and Clubhouse Guatemala and started to work for this ministry. Clubhouse Guatemala is a lot more than just a normal job for me. It's the opportunity to see God moving in the life of thousands of kids and be a part of it. As national director, I get to see the transformation taking place in the hearts and life of all the kids, men and women, communities that clubhouse minister to.


Director of Programs and Translation
My name is Sandra de Martinez, I have been married for 21 years to a special Christian man Jose. I have three beautiful girls Jackie, Melanie, and Paola. When I am not working I love to spend time with my family. I met the Lord many years ago, and that was the best happened in my life. My family and I serve The Lord in our home church in Guatemala City. I have worked for Clubhouse for 5 years, and it has been such a blessing and joy to serve The Lord with this great family. I thank The Lord because He brought me to this ministry where I have found a special place and where I can use all the gifts He has given me.


My name is Dieter Marroquín Wellmann. I was born September 25th, 1989. I have a degree in Aquaculture. In 2010, while helping people after a big storm and volcano eruption with my church, I met the Parker's and their awesome ministry. I translated for CHG for about 3 years before I became part of the staff. Currently I administrate the ministry in Guatemala. What I love of working for CHG is that it is like a big family, and every kid, American and translator is part of it. Getting to sing and dance with the kids is what I enjoy the most, nothing compares to the feeling of all of those voices worshiping The Lord together. I can not count all the miracles I've seen, blessings I've gotten or friends that I've made thought the time I have been part of this.



My name is Brenda De Bautista. I have been married for 24 years. I have two kids. My daughter Alejandra is 22 years old and is working in a marketing and advertising company. My son is 17 years old and is studying 11th grade. We all are Christians. My first job was in a Mission. I worked there for 9 years and the name of misión was Guatemalan Evangelical Ministries with Mr. Frank Waggoner in charge. I loved my job, I learned a lot and I enjoyed it. Mr Waggoner died four years ago. Then I worked for other Companies as receptionist, secretary, accounting, manager assistant, etc. Last year I quit working, I was working for a company that sells equipment for commercial kitchens like stoves, fryers, ice cream machines, coffee makers, etc. They changed the Manager and he made a lot of changes, so….

I have known Sandra (she is in charge of the translators) for more than 25 years and she worked with me in the mission. She told me about Clubhouse Guatemala, so this is my first experience with this Ministry. I´m very happy and excited about this job. I really love working with people and sharing God´s Word and it has been a blessing to know a lot of people and see how they leave their families and their country to come down here and help Guatemalan people and to be part of this work. Every day I thank God for allow me work with all of you and also thank you Mike for give me this opportunity. I will try to do my best and may God uses me and He wish.



My name is Oso, I am 23 years old, my real name is Pedro Pablo, I live in Guatemala City and work for Clubhouse, I could say many things about my life, but I think that's not important, but what really matters is that I work to help children and young people to know JESUS. I cannot just sit and watch how children and young people in Guatemala are lost and dying in gangs or drugs and do nothing knowing that JESUS changes their lives. So I don’t have another option but to offer my life and help as many as I can. If I shared everything I have seen over the years working in Club house would have to write many, many pages. That's why Clubhouse means a lot to me because we have the same vision and passion to Guatemala preaching the gospel, education and nutrition. I love working with teams and sharing Jesus with them.

Timothy & Lori Sunday

We are Timothy & Lori Sunday, the Worship Directors and Team Coordinators for Clubhouse Guatemala. We serve Clubhouse both in Guatemala and in the States. While in Guatemala we partner with Sembradores Church in leading US mission teams to serve the people of Guatemala and to share the love and truth of Jesus with all we encounter. We also facilitate times of worship in the evenings for the US teams serving. While in the US, we travel to churches all over the country leading in worship and promoting the child sponsorship program through Clubhouse.

JD McDonald

My name is JD McDonald, and ever since my "accidental" first trip to Guatemala some six years ago, a huge part of my heart has been held by all the precious people I've met through Clubhouse Ministries. I am currently a student at Milligan College studying Social Work and Bible and I am passionate about responding in obedience to the work of Christ by living a life like His. Pacaya has become a second home for me and I am so expectant for the work of Jesus that I will be able to witness while serving there as Camp Coordinator for the summer of 2017. The Holy Spirit of the Living God is preparing the way and I can't wait to walk in those paths and have many of you alongside me.


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