Living on Faith

For years I have heard the term "Living on Faith", but I never really understood the full meaning until we moved to the mission field.I think back to 2008 when I spent Thanksgiving in Guatemala with just Julian and Jadon. Our family was struggling to survive our first few months on the mission field. Our adoption wasn't done, Carla's dad had just died, and Katie and Zach were both struggling to adjust. I remember many nights crying out to God and asking him to show us, simply, that He was in this and with us.

That particular Thanksgiving was so hard because my family was in the states but I needed to stay to take care of the boys since they could not legally travel yet. I remember being so depressed because I couldn't eat any of my moms pumpkin pie. So the day before Thanksgiving I went to the store and found some pumpkins. I then, got online and read-up on how to make a pumpkin pie from scratch. In Guatemala they never really sold pumpkins or frozen pie crust so this was all from "real" scratch. After buying everything I needed, I hurried home with a renewed excitement and started making pies. The first two came out of the oven and I had 3 taste testers (Pablo, Julian, and Jadon) ready to go. They all 3 ate one whole pie. I must say the first ones were ok, but when I got to pies 9 and 10 I had perfected the pumpkin pie! So I took pies to some friends, kids in the home and had a different spirit for the rest of the day.

I share this story not to brag about my pie but to brag on God. You see, first the stores normally didn't carry those in Guatemala but they had them on that day, at that time when I was so homesick and was ready to give up and go home. Second I needed something to take my mind off of feeling sorry for myself. Third my sons needed to see their dad busy not sulking in misery. So God made a way through a pumpkin for me to get through that moment.

A lot has changed since that day. Now our ministry has grown to an amazing level, God has given us communities to work in that need to hear His word, God completed our adoption, healed our family, and has now blessed us with the future of our first grandchild. It is simply amazing what God has done.

As I look at our ministry finances I am human and I do begin to worry about things. But then I think back to all of the times in the past when I wavered in my faith to experience a God that never wavered or gave up on us. That is my God!

Tomorrow we will celebrate Clubhouse. We will ask you and people like you to go to our website and give to this ministry. We can not do it without you. The backbone of our ministry is you and people like you that have believed in us and given to us when we really didn't believe in ourselves. Tomorrow I want to ask you to join us, share us with others, and look for ways that we can work together to expand His kingdom.

I can not tell you how much we love and appreciate everyone that gives to Clubhouse. I am truly humbled by your love, support, friendship and encouragement that you have given to us for what is now 8 years!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


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