Feeling The Pressure

I was very hesitant about writing this as one of the first blogs on our new website. This should be a time of great celebration as we are launching an amazing new tool to help keep you informed about the things God is doing through Clubhouse in Guatemala. We have seen and continue to see Him move in incredible ways. However we have come to a crossroads as a ministry at this moment in time.

In 2008 when Carla and I moved to Guatemala we were a small family looking to go share the gospel through block parties. We had no idea where God would take this ministry. Our prayer has always been "God we are yours, and we will go and do whatever you want. I feel that as a family we have given all we have and will continue to do so. Today our ministry has grown to a budget that only God can provide. Clubhouse now has over 15 different ministries working and reaching thousands in Guatemala and through Cheer Packs in the United States.

This year we have seen a sharp decline in people that are traveling to Guatemala. Airfare went sky-high and that made it more difficult for people to come and engage in ministry. We have also seen a decline in monthly giving some due to job loss, and others due to the change in the economy and their personal situation. Finally we haven't received any grants nor have we had a fundraiser in the past 3 years.

With all of those things being stated I have full confidence and faith that God is in control and will meet our needs. I do however feel that until we share our needs that we are not giving people a chance to help be a blessing to those in Guatemala and here in the United States. We currently need $53,000 raised to make until the end of 2016 and $14,000 of that total is an immediate need. We have many ways on our website that you can give and get involved. Please visit and look for ways you can help. We have a t-shirt fundraiser going on right now, we have our Power of Giving campaign, and child sponsorship program. Maybe right now you are not in a place that you can give, and thats ok. We are all serving in this world together trying to reach and love those that need Jesus. I am asking that you please pray for us, that we will be able to continue to do the ministry has called us to do. Please share our ministry with others. Finally please pray for our staff, kids, and parents in Guatemala, that they will have their needs met.

His Servant,



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