Anyone can make a Difference

This past week has exciting as we have launched our new website, launched a new fundraiser with a cool T-shirt, and spent a day refocusing through prayer and fasting. God has been teaching our staff a lot of things over the past few weeks. However sometimes what we learn comes from the examples of others. On our new shirt it has a very simple message of "You have one life, Do Something".

(For sale in our store and feeds 25 people)

That is a very profound statement when you stop and think about it. There have been a few students and kids that have taught me that we can all do something!


Last week as I was trolling Facebook I saw a post for Cupcakes for sale. These weren't just any cupcakes they were made with Reese's. Naturally that got my attention. Now before you jump on me here, I looked but I did not order or eat them. I am staying true to my new lifestyle change. (For the most part haha) Now back to the cupcakes! As I looked at the picture I noticed the post about stated "Payton is selling cupcakes for Backpacks in Guatemala". As I read on I saw her goal was to simply sale what she could to impact lives in Guatemala. Last year we had 2 young boys ages I think 5 and 7 that gave up getting gifts for their birthday, to ask for money to provide birthday gifts and parties to kids in Guatemala. At that same time we had a young lady ask for money for her Sweet 16 birthday party to build a house for her Guatemala family.

The end result of all of these are amazing. Payton has sold enough cup cakes so far to buy over 250 cup cakes! Are you kidding me, from cup cakes? Our boys raised enough to give over 400 kids a birthday, some for the very first time. Our Sweet 16 raised enough that we built a house, installed a stove, and helped with school supplies for a ton of kids.


All of these stories have a common denominator. Boldness, No Fear, an unwillingness to allow anyone to tell them they are crazy and shouldn't do it. That my friends is diving in the deep end of the Gospel. Thinking more of others than of ourselves. I would love to say at 16 that I gave up my birthday to give to others, but that just didn't happen for me. However it is not to late for any of us. Yesterday our staff spent the day fasting and praying and seeking God for direction for 2017. We have been through a tough couple of months financially and it has forced us to really look within ourselves for answers. The answers I have found all deal with one thing, Doing something.

Here are a few things that God has taught me in the past couple of weeks. I must give Him everything, not just what I want to. I have to totally trust Him in all things. I must also be a good steward of everything He has blessed me with. That statement doesn't just mean the funds that He has provided. I must be a good steward of my family, my time, my friends, our donors, and I could go on. The most important thing is I must be a good steward of my relationship with my Heavenly Father. This week I want to challenge you to have the faith of a child. Step out and do something that will make a difference. That could be helping us raise funds for backpacks, sponsoring a child, or walking next door and sharing the story of Jesus. Whatever God places on your heart do it with a Boldness and Do Something!

Please share you comments below of a few things God is showing you so we can pray for your boldness to carry them out!


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