Welcome To The Clubhouse

We want to welcome you to the Clubhouse Guatemala website. We have recently renovated and we hope you enjoy the changes. As our ministry grows, so does our need to share more and more information with you. We want this website to be fun, informative, and a place for all ages to come and learn more about our ministry and how you can get involved. Please check out all of our pages to find out what all God is doing in Guatemala!

How to Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved with Clubhouse. Clubhouse is in constant need of volunteer mission teams to come and serve. Another great way to get involved with the ministry is through prayer. As we grow and add more ministries Clubhouse needs prayer warriors to lift up this ministry in constant prayer. A great way to get involved is to become a ministry sponsor. With Clubhouse growing so quickly donors are needed to help us bridge the gap financially. One of the most rewarding ways to get involved with Clubhouse is sponsoring a child. Clubhouse currently feeds over 400 children 3 days per week and also sends them to school to get an education. With sponsorship it allows a child the opportunity to go to school all the way through High School. It also allows you as the sponsor to be personally involved in their lives. For more information about getting involved in any of these programs please email mike@clubhouseg.com.

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